Forthcoming Memoir: MOTHER, INDIA

MOTHER, INDIA: One Mom’s Search for Meaning in the Middle of Everything, is the story of a woman’s quest for enlightenment, with husband and daughters in tow. 


It looked like we had it all. My home-birth service was full, our town bustled with babies I had ushered into the world . Our daughters thrived within their web of Waldorf school, friends, and activities. Our funky old house was roomy, with a reasonable mortgage payment. We even made a family band with our original music. But something beneath the surface was awry.  I felt lonely and overwhelmed, dark circles of exhaustion under my eyes.  As I cooked the thousandth batch of mac and cheese, and spent my precious free moments shuttling kids, I wondered, is this it?  What is the meaning, the purpose of my life? We had our material situation figured out, but what about the spiritual ? And, can I even ask these questions right in the middle of raising children?


Adam and I  decided these questions were valuable for ourselves and for our kids. So we went on a family pilgrimage seeking answers (and adventures). Our destination was as far away as you can get from our home in California, while remaining on the planet. We went to Mother India; the land of a thousand gods, the land where the Buddha taught, the land where the Dalai Lama lives. We walked the banks of  the Ganges, sat where the Buddha sat, and trekked to the roof of the world. The outer journey was rich with color, chaos, and hilarity. We traveled by train, bus, rickshaw, and even elephant. We befriended Tibetan monks, wandering yogis, and Hindu saints whose wisdom seeped into our bones.

And the inner journey – that is where the real story lies.





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