The Book: Relax, Nothing is Under Control!

Relax, Nothing is Under Control; a Family Pilgrimage to India, is the story of one woman’s quest for self-discovery; with hubby and preteen daughters in tow.


Follow a midwife and her family on a year-long journey through India and Nepal by train, bus, rickshaw, and even elephant.


The book is a family adventure, a glimpse into midwifery, a celebration of India, and a meditation on Buddhism. But wait – not everything went as planned! Along the journey, issues from eighteen years of marriage bubbled up, and towards the end, Dena left her husband. She took their eldest daughter and hitch- hiked to the roof of the world, on the highest-elevation road on earth. In a remote Himalayan kingdom, they reunited, returning home with a transformed understanding of what it takes to make a family work.


This book is a multi-layered story told in twenty four chapters.

One layer is the story of a midwife in trouble; dedicated to gentle birth practices but hunted down by the medical establishment.

There is a layer of the stretched-too-thin American mother, pulling her children out of school and breaking the family routines to fulfill her own dreams right in the midst of child-rearing.

Another thread is the exploration of  pilgrimage;  what happens in sacred places, such as at the tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

Last, there is the inner journey; a woman grappling with unresolved feelings about her imperfect marriage and the challenges of modern motherhood.

Dive in, and explore midwifery, Vajrayana Buddhism, and India’s sacred sites.  Experience encounters with spiritual masters from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  Have epiphanies on high mountain passes, while trying not to worry  too much about the kids.



This book is represented by Laura Yorke at Carol Mann Literary Agency.